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Oscar winners and losers

We all know it’s the winning that counts not the taking part, so I can understand the disappointment that some actors must be feeling right now. Worthy winners don’t usually win, but this year I think there must be few people who could argue that any bad decisions have been made – apart from the nominees who didn’t win. My commiserations go to Leonardo di Caprio who was amazing in The Wolf of Wall Street… one day Leo.

In fact Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres presented Bradley Cooper, who lost out to Jay Leto for Best Supporting Actor, with a handful of lottery scratch cards as consolation prize. It probably helped at the time.

The show enjoyed an early lift thanks to Pharrell Williams who performed his fabulously happy hit Happy. It brought the audience to its feet and got the party started. He looked great on stage and down among the audience too; he was in his element – I wasn’t so sure about his red carpet attire though, but I don’t think a designer dinner jacket teamed with designer shorts will ever be a winning combination, or I’m just plain boring? Yep, I’m just plain boring and it’s people like Pharrell who make life far less boring.

For me the real winner was the British film industry with Gravity, 12 Years a Slave (and thanks Brad Pitt for making it possible for Steve McQueen to get started in the first place) and the Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life showed the world what we do best. (Can we claim Cate Blanchett’s Best Actress Oscar too? She’s Australian, so kind of British.)


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