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“Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.” Rudy Guiliani

No one would go into battle without a well-planned strategy, which took into account the  weight of the opposition, an understanding of the terrain and the strength and resilience of their own troops.

The same applies in marketing communications, but everything now happens faster than ever, so it’s no surprise that action is often confused with progress.  Developing strategy takes time; it deserves to because it’s the most important weapon in your business armoury.

A great example of a thought-through strategy?  The Government’s dementia strategy.  In March the Prime Minister announced plans to make the UK a world leader on dementia, to deliver major improvements in dementia care, dementia awareness and dementia research by 2015.  There will be three ‘Champion Groups’ to lead work in each area.   One group will look at how to make 20 cities, towns and villages dementia friendly by 2015.  Small changes can make a huge difference to people’s day to day lives, such as having greeters in supermarkets to help guide people around the store and setting up dedicated dementia cafes.

Innovation will be a key area of interest too as it opens up huge possibilities for supporting people with dementia. This has been brilliantly demonstrated today by the unveiling of  five ground-breaking designs, including a dementia support dog, a room fragrance system to stimulate people’s appetites and a wristband personal alarm, all created to help people live well with dementia. The designs have been developed through a national competition, run in partnership with the Department of Health and were unveiled at the Design Council yesterday.






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