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Good things come in small packages!

Well I wouldn’t exactly call a domestic boiler a “small package” but what would any of us do without a boiler to keep our homes warm and our water hot? (Well, if you’ve ever had your boiler break down during the coldest snap, you do know.) Recently Intergas Heating, a Dutch boiler company, has been […]

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If you’re bland you’re not a brand

There’s no substitute for first-hand experience, and I have been fortunate to work in areas that have given me unprecedented insight into their highs and lows, pros and cons. (That also means I’ve got around three decades behind me too!) I can talk in depth about these specific industry sectors, or you can just pick […]

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It’s World Alzhiemer’s Day today. Some of us know, or knew, a friend or relative who has or had dementia and this poem by Owen Darnell resonates so perfectly…     Do Not Ask Me to Remember Do not ask me to remember, Don’t try to make me understand, Let me rest and know you’re […]

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Sticks and stones

Whoever said “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me” didn’t really understand how the world works. I’ll never condone violence, but today, thanks to the ease with which anyone can post an unkind remark or wage an unrelenting bullying campaign, thousands of people can behave in the most appallingly violent way. […]

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Students have designs on diversity

If you’re not 6’ tall, can’t fit into a size six dress, don’t have upper arms like Cara Delevingne’s and you’re over 50, you might be convinced that today’s fashion, well even yesterday’s, isn’t really for you. Well, thanks to the pioneering work of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, an initiative that challenges the fashion […]

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Sainsbury’s Christmas ad – friend or foe? Friend.

There was a major breakout of baa humbugs and “who do they think they ares?” when the Sainsbury’s christmas television commercial aired during The X Factor. My daughter, a researcher in the advertising industry was, like the vast majority of us, completely blown away – I mean that in the most positive way – by […]

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Great Expectations

I’ve had the privilege of working with Colchester Institute for the past few months and, during that time, I’ve got to know the new Principal and Chief Executive Alison Andreas… and it’s been an education. She’s a one-woman powerhouse and force for good. If you were to ask Alison what she likes best about her […]

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Brand news!

For many years I’ve had the privilege of working with the amazing brand identity consultant and designer, Louise Dyer, founder of Dart Design in Colchester. Today our relationship become a little more formal, as I have now joined the team!  I’m still going to continue working in PR-led marketing communications as Sharon Morrison Communications but, […]

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Torture figures and they’ll tell you anything.

When Essex University PhD student, Feifei Bu, recently disclosed the findings of her research study, we were led to believe that high achieving women tend to be the first born. Statistically these ‘first born women’ are more ambitious and well-qualified than their siblings Do you believe that’s the case? As the second born of four […]

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Think differently – visit Schiphol Airport!

Lorsque vous apprenez que vous êtes atteint d’un cancer, il est très difficile de réaliser complètement ce qui vous arrive. Que vous soyez jeune ou vieux, marié ou célibataire, les réactions sont les mêmes partout dans le monde: incrédulité, peur, refus… Votre cerveau refuse de comprendre et ne veut pas assimiler la majeure partie des […]

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