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Good things come in small packages!

Well I wouldn’t exactly call a domestic boiler a “small package” but what would any of us do without a boiler to keep our homes warm and our water hot? (Well, if you’ve ever had your boiler break down during the coldest snap, you do know.) Recently Intergas Heating, a Dutch boiler company, has been […]

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If you want to save money this winter, fill your freezer with cardboard

It’s Energy Saving Week soon (21-25 October), and that’s roughly when I start wishing I’d taken care of all those draughty problems in my behemoth of a home during those long hot summer months. I really can do little to warm it up as it’s a listed building, which doesn’t mean it can’t be warm […]

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Why the UK should take tips from the German car industry

The UK car industry was once one of Germany’s biggest competitors; now it has become one of its biggest assets, says author Dominic Sandbrook. How did Germany accelerate away? Forty years ago, Germany’s biggest carmakers were putting the finishing touches to a product that would change their image forever. The Volkswagen Golf is one of […]

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