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Good things come in small packages!

Well I wouldn’t exactly call a domestic boiler a “small package” but what would any of us do without a boiler to keep our homes warm and our water hot? (Well, if you’ve ever had your boiler break down during the coldest snap, you do know.)

Recently Intergas Heating, a Dutch boiler company, has been surprising many of its much larger competitors by winning awards and recognition for the amazing feats its range of boilers can perform. Now, I wouldn’t expect many people to know, or even care about the heat exchanger, but this piece of equipment inside every boiler is there to transfer the heat from its aluminium fins to the water passing over them. Unlike other boilers, which have two heat exchangers, this distinct lack keeps Intergas’s very efficient; you see, with only one heat exchanger the boilers don’t have to work as hard to reach the required temperature. As you probably know, all new boilers installed must, since 2005, be high efficiency condensing boilers, but you may not know that only Intergas boilers condense 100% of the time in both heating and hot water modes, so I guess that makes them super-efficient.

But back to that heat exchanger. It’s actually revolutionary and over 20 years old. That may sound like a contradiction in terms, but the-then senior engineer, one Harry Bosscher, designed the heat exchanger in such a way that not only is it incredibly robust, it dispenses with the need for a secondary hot water plate heat exchanger, diverter valve, valve motor and auto air vent. Basically all the parts that stick, leak or let you down just aren’t there. In fact the boiler only has 12 components, which includes four moving parts, so there’s just less to go wrong anyway. By the way, this heat exchanger has never suffered a mechanical failure since its introduction, so you could say reliability is its middle name.

Harry Bosscher is now the Chief Executive of Intergas Heating and his amazing boiler was the outright winner of last year’s H&V News Awards “Domestic Product of the Year 2016”. It’s an award that’s truly deserved, but then I like stories that demonstrate the Davids can continue to cut it with the Goliaths.

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I should, of course, declare my partiality, as Intergas is a client of mine. This is not the only boiler brand I have handled during my career, but it is, to return to my original premise, the smallest one. And it really punches above its weight… you only have to read last October’s Which? report on “The Best Boiler Brands” and the research conducted by this consumer champion couldn’t be more impartial. As with most purchases that must serve you well for years, its worth doing your research.

Intergas's revolutionary heat exchanger.

Intergas’s revolutionary heat exchanger.

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