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Crisis, what crisis?

If you fail to plan…

Bad things do happen to good people and no two crises are ever the same.  They may be down to human error or totally outside your control; they may only have minor consequences or a devastating effect on your business. But all news travels fast, bad news even faster.

I can show you how to protect your brand’s reputation by managing, controlling and surveying information flow, should the unimaginable happen. It may, of course, never happen, but being prepared, having a plan in place, is like having both the belt and the braces.

Because none of us can ever know when bad things might happen, the easiest way to protect your brand, your reputation and your income is by putting some goodwill in the bank right now.  Do good things, pay it forward and above all be transparent.  Customers are smart, so underestimate them at your peril; they can figure out who’s honest, who’s using smoke and mirrors and who’s a blatant rip-off merchant.  There was a time when you could sell to a customer, but that time’s gone and will never return.  No longer passive targets, they are active hunters and take very little at face value; they check everything because they can.  This means that everything you do, say and print should project and reflect your brand values, because all those elements will be under scrutiny.  If you need to make changes, do it.  “I just don’t have the time” won’t really help if something nasty hits the fan.



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