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You want the truth? Can you handle it?

Anyone running a business knows how important first impressions are. Creating the wrong one, no matter how unintentional, can be the difference between a potential client picking up the phone or deciding not to bother.

Speaking of phones, is yours answered the way it should be? Do you come across like a cast member of TOWIE when you’re really more of a Made in Chelsea? What about your website? Are you a professional who is responsible and accountable, or do you look like you write deals on the back of beer mats? Either is fine, depending on what you want for your brand.

Ensuring that you’re presenting a coherent and relevant image to your target audiences can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when all you want to do is run your business, but it is important.

A good starting point is to have a communications audit conducted. The audit involves talking to your trade, end users, intermediaries and the media. Your literature, stationery, advertising and website will be examined, as will the quality of your social networking.  And, of course, you’ll see how those phones are answered. These findings mean nothing if they are not compared with those of your key competitors and this will determine where you really ‘sit’ as a company and as a brand.

It won’t be statistically relevant, but will provide independent, qualitative evidence fast that will inform any future marketing activities. Of course you’ll want the information fast, so you can implement change where necessary, and an audit of this nature – depending on the size of your company – shouldn’t take longer than a week from start to report and recommendations.



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